Mining Consumables

Grinding Media

Minmetals currently supply forge steel grinding media to major mining groups worldwide

Minmetals Australia is now very active in growing mining grinding media market share, after a period of low focus and marketing effort in Australasia in the past few years.

Minmetals currently supply forge steel grinding media to Codelco, MMG, and other major mining groups worldwide.

Grinding media delivery formats

Minmetals Australia has the ability to deliver grinding media a number of flexible ways into Australasian mines to suit customer’s needs, drums, bulk bags or loose bulk.

Our forged steel balls are available in the following sizes: 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 40mm; 50mm; 60mm; 80mm; 90mm; 100mm; and 125mm.

Diameter Media (Grams) Tolerance of Diameter (mm) Weight (Grams) Tolerance of Weight
20mm +2.0 /1.0 39 +/- 0.005
25mm +2.0 /1.0 75 +/- 0.01
30mm +2.0 /1.0 114 +/- 0.02
40mm +2.5 /1.0 310 +/- 0.04
50mm +2.5 /1.0 600 +/- 0.05
60mm +2.5 /1.0 1000 +/- 0.05

Surface Hardness: 62 - 65 RC
Average Volume Hardness: 61 - 63 RC

Diameter Media (Grams) Tolerance of Diameter (mm) Weight (Grams) Tolerance of Weight
80mm +3.0 /1.0 2104 +246/+80
90mm +3.0 /1.0 2996 +310/+101
100mm +3.0 /1.0 4110 +381/+125

Surface Hardness: 60 - 64 RC
Average Volume Hardness: 55 - 60 RC

Mining Consumables

Minmetals Procurement team is able to provide our clients a full turnkey solution for Mining Consumables. Utilizing our large network of key partnerships, we are able to provide competitive rates and services for a range of products. Through constant innovation in process improvement Minmetals are able to work with the client to provide the solutions for any situation. In an industry notorious for process challenges in some of the most unforgiving environments, Minmetals will work with their clients to provide practical solutions across all areas.

Light Towers

Minmetals can offer a large range of light towers that are suitable for a number of applications in construction, mining, events, road works, emergency rescue, general industrial and maintenance operations.


Minmetals have access to a vast network that is able to provide tyres for large mining machinery that provide superior performance in all conditions.