Logistics & Administration

6th largest bulk carrier in the world

  • Minmetals Shipping Office in every major port in China
  • Can coordinate all bulk cargo including rail, raw materials, fabricated steel, transportable housing

Minmetals offers a complete logistics service that comprises safe handling, loading, shipping, break bulk, storage, insurance, inspection and inland distribution. We can offer a full range of services to other trading companies and organisations requiring transport of metals, raw materials and other bulk products worldwide. Our Logistics team manages the transportation of material and equipment from fabrication facility to project site, meeting the needs of today’s globally sourced projects.

The Minmetals Group is the 6th largest bulk carrier in the world. Our ocean freight expertise includes handling container shipments for all types of overseas procurement that lend themselves to a large range of shipping options. We charter all sizes of vessels that are able to transport all bulk commodities.

Given our large cargo volumes, we are able to achieve competitive freight prices and the economies of scale we achieve enable our general trading services to remain highly competitive.

We minimize exposure to the freight market by fixing cargoes forward and by trading Forward Freight Agreements (FFA’s) to hedge our risk. Our logistics service includes inland transportation at both origin and destination countries. To maximise control and minimise costs, Minmetals’ logistics staff have formed long term relationships with a number of supply and service partners that allow us to pass these advantages onto our clients. Our skill is in finding the most cost-effective solution without jeopardising delivery time and in maintaining damage prevention measures during transhipment between ocean going vessels and inland transport.

Established relationships with port agents, forwarders, customs brokers and stevedoring companies ensure proper storage and handling of cargoes while in ports. Minmetals looks to make beneficial long term agreements and, where appropriate, invests in port infrastructure to augment transport and shipping arrangements.